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This programme is designed to prepare an innovative, creative and flexible graduate with pedagogical and professional competences in the specific vocational skills/discipline, to cope with dynamic changes in technology and social-economic needs. Graduates of this programme will be able to facilitate training in vocational institutions.

Duration of Study

In-campus Mode - Two years

Off-Campus Mode – Three Years

The whole training programme will involve institutional training, industrial practical training (IPT) and teaching practice (TP).

Entry Requirements

To join this programme a candidate must meet the following minimum entry requirements:

  1. CertificateofSecondaryEducationExamination(CSEE)with a minimum of four passes excluding religious subjects.
  2. National Vocational Award (NVA level III) or Trade Test Grade I with capacity to upgrade vocational /technical qualifications to at least NTA 5 within two years of study while undergoing training for Technician Certificate in Vocational Teacher Education; and or,
  3. Any other equivalent qualification offered by recognized institution registered by a regulatory body; and
  4. Two (2) years working experience in the industry.

Programme Outcome

The courses under this programme aimed at creating an innovative and dynamic vocational teacher with high vocational/technical qualifications and excellent pedagogical, andragogical, didactical skills as well as responsive to training challenges and needs in providing quality vocational education and training. Thus, vocational teacher qualifies for National Technician Certificate in Vocational Teacher Education Award Level 5 (NTA Level 5) eligible to teach up to NVA/NTA Level 4.

 Programme Content

The content of the programme is divided into fundamental and core modules.


Key: L&D = Lecture with Discussion; T =Tutorial; P = Practical; AS = Assignment 

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