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At MVTTC we have highly committed and engaged staff at all levels. Due to our desired status of a centre of excellence in the development of high quality vocational training teachers, we have in our ranks tutors that will give you cutting edge pedagogical, andragogical, didactical and vocational skills in your occupation. The College also understands the importance of continuously improving the skills of its staff. It is in this spirit that MVTTC has been and will continue to support the professional development of its most important asset - people.

Acting Head of Department:

Elias E. Msambila: Certificate Trainer of Trainers (Stockholm Institute of Education); FTC 
(Electrical Engineering) (DIT); M.Sc. (Electrical Engineering) (Vinitsa State University - Ukraine)


Anamringi Oforo Maro: Dip (Ed)(DUCE); B.Sc. (Education) (UDSM); M.Sc. (Chemistry) (Applied Material Science) (UDSM)

Andrew Boi: Dipl. in (Ed) (Morogoro Teachers College); B.Ed. (Adult Education and Extension Services) (UDSM); M.A. in (Ed) (UDSM)

Anicia Osward: B.Sc. (Information Technology) (IFM)

Anna Nyoni: B.A. in (Ed)(UDSM); M.A. in (Ed)(Curriculum and Instruction) (MCU)

Barnabas E. Mlyuka: Dip (Ed) (Korogwe TTC); B.A Ed. (UDSM); M.Ed. (Assessment and Evaluation) (UDSM)

Benson Chibwi: Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering (St. Joseph College of Engineering and Technology).

Denis Michael: Dipl (Education) (Morogoro Teachers College); B.Ed. (Adult Education) (OUT); M.A. (Ed) (UDOM)

Elias E. Msambila: Certificate Trainer of Trainers (Stockholm Institute of Education); FTC
(Electrical Engineering) (DIT); M.Sc. (Electrical Engineering) (Vinitsa State University - Ukraine)

Elisha M Nkuba: FTC (Electrical Engineering) (Mbeya Technical College); B. Eng. (Electronics and Telecommunication) (DIT); Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Administration) (Tumaini
University Iringa); Master of Technology in Embedded Systems (Sri Venkateswara College of
Engineering and Technology) (India)

 Enelisa Mbwile: Certificate in Television and Radio Repair; Vocational Teachers Certificate; FTC
(Electrical Engineering); Diploma in Modern Mgt & Admin; B. Eng. (Electrical and Electronics)

John A. E. Lema: Cert (modern welding technology) (Tohoko Dock Tekko Co. Ltd, Miyagi
Prefecture Japan); Adv. Dip (Public Health Engineering (Ardhi Institute Dar es Salaam); B.Ed.
(Honours) (OUT); MEMA. (Education Management and Administration) (Kampala International

 Julius D.Mwakasasa: Vocational Teacher Certificate- MVTTC; FTC (Automotive Engineering)
(TCA) Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (DIT)

 Luka C. Mkini: FTC (Electrical Engineering) (Dar es Salaam Technical College); DTE (Electrical)
(Klerruu Teachers' College Iringa); B.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering) (UDSM); PGDE
(Administration) (Tumain University Iringa); M.Sc. (Renewable Energy) (UDSM)

 Martin Saning'o Mollel: Dipl (Education) (English History) (Marangu TTC); Bachelor in Education
(Languages) (Tumaini Makumira University); Master in Educational Administration (University of

 Mkama J. Maugo: Adv. Dip (Computer Science) (IFM)

 Rodgers Amini: B.A. (Education Psychology) (UDSM)

 Sophia Clement Tuka: Dipl (Education) (DUCE); B.A. (Education) (UDSM); M.A (Education)
(Curriculum Instructions) (JUCO)

 Sospeter Dickson Mkasanga: Dipl (Competence Based Education and Training) (SIVAT-South Korea);

Cert (Instructional Methods Course) (NVTD - Morogoro); FTC (Mechanical Engineering) (Arusha
Technical College); Diploma (Advanced Information & Communication Technologies) (Seoul
Institute for Vocational Training in Advanced Technologies - SIVAT-South Korea); B.Sc. IT
(Computer Systems and Information and Communication Technology) (Makerere University-
Uganda); MBA (Corporate Management) (Mzumbe University)

Veronica G. Zamgambo: Technical Certificate (Misungwi CDTTI); FTC (Civil Engineering) (DIT);
Dip (Technical Education) (Klerruu Teachers College); B.Ed. (Mathematics) (Teofilo Kisanji

Yahaya J Bori: Dip (Education) (Biology & Geography) (Morogoro Teachers College); B.A.
(Education) (Accounting and Geography) (Univ. of Arusha)

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