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MV Mechanics Workshop

MVTTC serves stakeholders of vocational education and training in public, private and third sector organizations. Our potential direct clients in those organizations include current tutors
and instructors in vocational training centers interested in acquiring professional pedagogical skills coupled with advanced vocational training in their respective fields. MVTTC also serves aspiring tutors and instructors who are currently plying their trades in engineering or technological industries.

MVTTC training programmes are open to candidates from the following occupations:-

  1. Auto Electric (AE)
  2. Automotive Mechanics (MVM)
  3. Carpentry and Joinery (CJ)
  4. Electrical Installations (EI)
  5. Fitter Mechanics (FM)
  6. Masonry and Bricklaying (MB)
  7. Plumbing and Pipe Fitting (PL)
  8. Welding and Metal Fabrication (WF)
  9. Hospitality (FO&RD; FBSS, FP)
  10. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  11. Design Sewing and Clothing Technology (DSCT)

In addition to training, MVTTC also serves VET stakeholders through consultancy, and research and  development services.

Welding and Metal Fabrication Workshop
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